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Do not signup for classes on this site on the calendar or event list. Classes for 2020 and beyond have moved to Circle Ten's new event registration system go to to register for 2020 and beyond classes. If you trying to register here it's going to tell you the price is $5k and give you the link to use to get directly to the class on the other site. Everyone who was already register for a 2020 class has been moved to the same class on the new site.

This Website will go away at the end of 2019, all the content will be move to the Shooting Sports Channels on the iHub This is in process, only one channel exists currently. More information on the new channels will be sent to the group when they are up and running and how to subscribe to them for getting updates. Expect this sometime early December. 

Welcome to the Circle Ten Shooting Sports information webpage.  We offer NRA Certfication classes, for rifle/shotgun, pistol and muzzleloading shooting activities along with  USAA/NFAA Archery classes.

For a detailed description of what certifications are needed by type of event and program (Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturing, etc), check out the What Do I Need page.

The amount of certified people depends on the type of shooting sport event. The BSA National Shooting Sport manual (2015 Printing) list the requirements for each type of event and how many certified people are needed for that event. Here is the link for the 2016 Shooting Sport Manual Update. For more information on BSA's policies on Shooting Sports check out the BSA Shooting Sports FAQ page. Click here for the main BSA shooting sports webpage. Another good BSA manual to have for shooting sports is the BSA Guide to Safe Scouting. Link for the new Multi-Gun Airsoft Manual. There are a number of other shooting sports manuals on the main BSA shooting sports webpage linked above also.


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Check back often for updates of the activities for the Circle Ten Shooting Sports Committee and it's training opportunities.



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    Welcome to the home for Circle Ten Shooting Sports Committee. On this site you can learn about how to incorporate shooting sports activities into your unit's program, and what certifications are needed. This is also where Scouters can signup for shooting certifications.

    Have a question or need to contact the Circle 10 Shooting Sports Committee? Click here to send us an email.
    Is our unit (or district) having a shooting event and looking for qualified personal to help? Click here to send a help request to our help coordinator. Please submit the request with as much lead time as you can. Please include your unit's district so we can send the request to the right people. Thank you.
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