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The class being taught at the council level is now the USAA/NFAA Level I class. Students who take this class can teach the BSA Archery Range Master course, as well as run an Archery Range. The BSA Archery Range Master course is no longer taught at the council level, if you are just looking for that class you should contact your district's shooting sports committee and inquire from them when these classes will be held. You can download the above referenced manuals/presentations to use in teaching a class if you are already an USAA/NFAA Archery Level I instructor. Here is a link to the BSA fillable training card's that can be presented to your students after they pass your class.

The course starts at 8am and runs until late afternoon for the USAA/NFAA Level I course. Additional instruction for BSA Archery Merit Badge counselors (specifically bow string making and arrow making/repairing) is done after the completion of the USAA/NFAA Level I course (it is not part of that course's curriculum, but is part of the Archery Merit Badge). If you stay for the whole class it will end around 6pm.

Important Notes:

Online registration is required and you are not registered in the class until you pay for the class. Registration for the class closes 10 days prior to the date of the class in order for us to order and receive the materials needed for the class.

Check the Shooting Sports event list for upcoming classes

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